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Photographs : Christ as acted in the Plays

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/17/2/8
Date/year: 1951 to date
The NCEM has photographs of all the actors who played Christ.  Many can be seen on the website. We also have this list of actors in other key roles.
1951, 1954: Joseph O'Conor
1957: Brian Spink
1960: Tom Criddle
1963: Alan Dobie
1966: John Westbrook
1969: Peter Blanshard, John White and Gerald Lomas played God, Jesus and Judas in rotation. Below Gerald Lomas is baptised by Joseph Copley (John Baptist).
1973: John-Stuart Anderson
1976: David Bradley
1980: Christopher Timothy
1984: Simon Ward
1988: Victor Banerjee
1992: Robson Green
1994 (Wagons): Mark Comer, Brian Graystone, Anthony Curtis
1996: Rory Mulivihill
1998 (Wagons): Graham Hudson, Kit Bird, Julian Rendell, Mark Reilly, Roger Dixon, Robert Jason Wright, John Gray
2000: Ray Stevenson
2002 (Wagons): Bob Cummings; John Sharpe; Christian Newton; Adrian Widdowson; John Gray
2006 (Wagons): Josh King, Ben Fogarty, Tom Frere, Robert Jeffs, Kit Bird, Paul Stonehouse
2010 (Wagons): Mark Burghagen, Mike Tyler, Andie Cowan; Robert Goldsborough, Neil Tattersall, Adrian Widdowson, Tomas Moore
2012: Ferdinand Kingsley
John Hoyland 2014
2014 (Wagons): Charlie Johnston, John Hoyland (right), Ehren Mierau, Laurence O'Reilly, James Osman (below), Martin Sheppard, Hugh Stubbins
2016: Philip McGinley
1969 production2018 (wagons): Hannah Eggleton, Joy Warner, David Phillips, Julian Finnigan.
2022 (wagons): Zach Wesley, Matthew Lomax, Wren Crawford.
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James Osman 2014Wren Crawford 2022
2018 Temptation of ChristDavid Phillips 2018

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