York Mystery Plays

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August 2012 wagons


On 11 and 12 August 2012 the Guilds of York held a symposium about Mystery Plays, attended not only by York professionals but also by representatives of Mystery Play producers from Chester, Lichfield, Lincoln and Gloucester.  York' s newspaper published a report about the event (10 August).  
There were two wagon play performances in front of the East End of the Minster and on College Green as shown here, with the York Waits performing music outside St Williams College. 
Below, the Guild of Builders has performed the Creation and are taking their bow. Steve Bielby played God, in orange at the right. 
Builders and creation

Noah and the Flood was performed by HIDden Theatre company, with Jeremy Muldowney as Noah. Two live birds were used.  The raven is resisting Noah, below left. 
raven resists noah

Noah releases the dove

Then Noah casts the dove up into the sky (Nick Ansell). 

rainbow over ark

The rainbow is sent to mark the compact between God and Noah's descendants.  

The wagons leave down Petergate, led by the York Waits.

See here for a cast list for the 2012 production in Museum Gardens, here for a list of 2012 musicians and here for 20 photographs of the 2012 production.