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Photographs : 1980 Photographs

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/10
Date/year: 1980
Description: Photographs, transparencies and postcards from the 1980 Mystery Plays production, which was in Museum Gardens; Christopher Timothy played Christ.  
Setting the stage 1980
Here is the stage in the ruins of St Mary's Abbey.

Below, Cain (Alan Inglis) is angry with his brother Abel (John Ramsden).   They are farmers of sheep, and have a real one with them on stage.  It is a different breed from the ones used in the New Testament play further below.

Cain and Abel 1980
Three shepherds 1980
Here are the three shepherds with live sheep, with angels in the heavens above and behind.
1st Shepherd: Michael A Brown
2nd Shepherd: Roger Farrington
3rd Shepherd: Thomas Zugic


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