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Photographs : The Ark and rainbows

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/17/2/11
Date/year: various
Description: Noah and family after the Flood were sent a rainbow by God to reassure the world. This is a spectacular and colourful scene in the Mystery Plays, when it is selected - not every production covers Old Testament scenes.  Modern lighting and technology makes the rainbow much easier.  In 1954 it was attempted in a simpler way, below.
This early colour photo (1966) was donated by the builder of the wagon, Mike Rogers.
flood wagon 1966
In 1994 this rainbow was produced by the Lords of Misrule.
Kings Square wagon 1994
The Rainbow in 2000 was formed by lights in the East end of York Minster: see this page: 2000 rainbow 
2002 wagon rainbow
In 2002 this scene is in Dean's Park.
In 2012 there was a wagon play, here performed outside St Williams College. In the Museum Gardens production that year, the rainbow was magnificently formed of the angels in their colourful costumes.
2012 wagon

2012 Museum Gardens
Below is the scene from the Minster in 2016, when the rainbow was formed by lights on the Nave roof, this photo taken by Duncan Lomax. 
2016 rainbowLewis Outing donated the image below of the cast of The Flood receiving applause.  The scene is in front of the Mansion House in 2022.
Mansion House Ark

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