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Press cutting, æMystery cast move into the openÆ with picture of rehearsal

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Press cutting, æKnife shapes PlaysÆ setting,Æ

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Press Cuttings : 1969 Press Cuttings

Item type: Press Cuttings
Archive reference: YMP/F/7
Date/year: May 1969
Description: Press cuttings donated in an album by Pat Olsen, the designer in 1969.  'Mystery Cast Move into the Open' was the headline with the photo (by Ian Wright) of a rehearsal in Museum Gardens, in daywear not costume. 
The second headline was 'Knife shapes Plays' setting'. York Evening Press article (27/05/69, p.5) and photograph, caption: Pat Olsen uses a bread knife to carve expanded polystyrene to simulate stonework on the Mystery Play set now being built in the Museum Gardens, York.  
Stored as YMP/F/7/2/2
Here is another cutting about the 1969 set.

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