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Photographs : 2002 Photographs

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/21
Date/year: 2002 and later
Description: Photographs of the 2002 Wagon plays production in York, co-ordinated by the Guilds of York.  There is also an archived website about the Guilds' 2002 production, with many more photographs.Adrian Widdowson 2002

Below is a list of the guilds which were commissioned to produce the medieval plays, as known in around 1450.

Adrian Widdowson as Christ, in the Scriveners' Play: The Incredulity of Thomas.

Bob Cummings 2002

                                        Right: Bob Cummings as Christ in the Baptism Play 

Christian Newton 2002

Left: Christian Newton as Christ in the Butchers' Play, the Death of Christ

The 2012 book by Nicola Rogers of York Archaeological Trust lists the pageants at 1450-75 and the relevant guilds as follows:
The Barkers (Tanners): The Fall of the Angels
The Plasterers : The Creation
The Cardmakers (makers of wool-carding combs): The Creation of Adam and Eve
The Fullers (cloth finishers): Adam and Eve in Eden
The Coopers (Barrelmakers): The Fall of Man
The Armourers: The Expulsion from Eden
The Gaunters (Glovers): Cain and Abel
The Shipwrights: The Building of the Ark
The  Fishers and Mariners: The Flood
The Parchment makers and Bookbinders: Abraham and Isaac
The Hosiers (makers of hose): Moses and Pharoah
The Spicers: The Annunciation and Visitation
The Pewterers and Metal Founders: Joseph's trouble about Mary
The Thatchers and Rooftilers: The Nativity
The Chandlers: The Shepherds
The Masons and Goldsmiths: Herod and the Magi
St Leonard's Hospital: The Purification
The Marshals (farriers): The Flight into Egypt
The Girdlers and Nailers: The Slaughter of the Innocents
The Spuriers and Lorimers: Christ with the Doctors in the Temple
The Barbers:  The Baptism
The Smiths:  The Temptation
The Vintners (winesellers): The Marriage at Cana
The Curriers: The Transfiguration
The Ironmongers: Jesus in the House of Simon the Leper
The Cappers (capmakers): The Woman taken in Adultery/the Raising of Lazarus
The Skinners and furriers: The Entry into Jerusalem
The Cutlers: The Conspiracy
The Baxters (bakers): The Last Supper
The Cordwainers (Leatherworkers and shoemakers): The Agony in the Garden and the Betrayal
The Bowyers and Fletchers (makers of bows and arrows): Christ before Annas and Caiaphas
The Tapiters & Couchers (makers of worsted cloth, bed hangings):Christ before Pilate/Dream of Pilate's wife
The Litsters (dyers): Christ before Herod
The Cooks and Waterleaders (water sellers): The Remorse of Judas
The Tilemakers: Christ before Pilate, the Judgement
The Shearmen (cloth finishers): The Road to Calvary
The Pinners: The Crucifixion
The Butchers: The Death of Christ
The Saddlers: The Harrowing of Hell
The Carpenters: The Resurrection
The Winedrawers: Christ's appearance to Mary Magdalene
The Woolpackers: The Supper at Emmaus
The Scriveners (writers and recorders): The Incredulity of Apostle Thomas
The Tailors: Christ's Ascension into Heaven
The Potters: the Apostles and Pentecost
The Drapers: The Death of the Virgin
The Linenweavers: The Funeral of the Virgin
The Woolweavers: The Assumption of the Virgin into Heaven
The Hostelers (innkeepers): the Coronation of the Virgin
The Mercers (merchants): The Last Judgement of good and bad Souls

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