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Programmes/Posters : 1909 Pageant Cast List

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/20
Date/year: 1909
A booklet published by the Yorkshire Herald, listing the actors in each of the 31 scenes of the 1909 pageant in Museum Gardens.  Over a thousand people took part. Below are transcribed their names and as given, their address, too.  The archive holds a booklet with photographs of some key performers.
The Performers  1909 advert
Episode I Caer Ebrauc 800 BC
Eldest Son - Mr Oscar Lindberg, St Peter's Grove
The Mother - Mrs A Raimes, The Mount
Eldest Daughter - Miss Palmes, Naburn
Second Daughter - Miss Faith Gray, Gray's Court
The Father - Mr A Forbes, Stamford Bridge
Second Son - Mr D Mackay Jun, Hob Moor
Grandfather - Mr W Bridgman Simpson, Park Hill, Wetherby
Third Daughter, a little girl - Miss R Lawson, Ousecliffe
Grandmother - Mrs Argles, St Clement's Rectory
Third Son, a boy - Master F Myton, St Olave's Road
A Hunter - Mr Geoffrey Thompson, Dringcote
Ebrauc - Mr S G Pook, 10 Bewlay Street
Six Followers with Ebrauc  - Messrs E Clerk, 45 Newborough Street, G Goodwill and N Goodwill, 24 Claremont Terrace, G Knowles, 53 Heslington Road, S Schofield, Leith House, Penley Grove Street
some 1909 actors
Episode II Altera Roma
Scene 1 53 AD
Cartismandua  [sic]- Mrs W Waddington, Acomb
Aska - Master Wood, St Peter's Grove
Ailaedia - Miss Judith Gostling, Stonegate
Diviaticus - Mr Gordon Plaice, Skelton
Boduoc - Mr Walker, Emerald Street
Venusius - Mr H H Wilberforce, New Street
1st Noble - Dr Carr, York County Hospital
2nd Noble - Mr Hitchcock, Bootham Park
Lasciovanus - Mr F Neden, York County Hospital
Bericus - Mr T T Barnes, St Olave's Road
1st Warrior - Mr Lyon, Plough Inn, Fulford
2nd Warrior - Mr R Harland, Spurriergate
Abaris - Dr P Macdonald, Ouselea, Clifton
Druid Priest - Mr E H Jackson, 24 Portland street
Caradoc - Rev R O Walker, St Peter's School
Modia - Miss Allison, 24 The Mount
Voadicca - Miss Gostling, Stonegate
Otis - Miss Ethel Leetham, Aldersyde
Ostorius Scapula - Mr R Peters, Mount Vale,
Boece - Miss M Terry, Trentholme
Followers of Venusius - Drs Carr and Hitchcock, Messrs Elcock, Thompson, Aston, Clark, Lynch, Bennison and Boston
Followers of Boduoc - Messrs Varey and Emstey
Followers of Diviaticus - Messrs Fowler and Landther
Ladies with Cartismandua - Mrs and Miss Burtt, St George's Place, Mrs Coultate, 66 Nunthorpe Road, Miss Ida Taylor, 56 Bishopthorpe Road, Miss S B Cooper, Bishopthorpe, Miss A Rymer, 10 South Bank Road, Miss M Huffam, 8 St Mary's, Miss C and Miss A Williams, Poppleton Vicarage, Miss Miles and Mrs C Wilstrop, Askham Richard, Miss F Groves, 21 St Mary's, Miss Gladys Taylor, 56 Bishopthorpe Road
Folkmen - Messrs W Asbury, 5 Allan street, A Chalk, 34 Garden Place, G Sotheran, Osbaldwick, W Haw, 14 Richmond Street, Wilson [sic] 4 Kidd's Terrace, Dunn [sic] 14 Walter street, J Barker, Osbaldwick, R Cloughton, 5 St Cuthbert's Road, W Cawood, 8 Downhill street, G Bickerdyke, 7 Mansfield Street, T Thorpe 22 Victor Street, R Hudson, 25 Mansfield street, E Fitch, 27 Faber Street
Folkwomen  - Misses J Air, 34 Fountayne street, J Ankers, 49 George Street, F Arnot, 44 Upper Newborough street, E Appleby, 28 Albemarle Terrace, Abell [sic] 24 Wellington street, N Banks, 34 Neville Terrace, L Baker, 36 Garden street, D Butler, 9 Elmwood street, G Betts 33 Rose street, F Berry, 16 Brinkworth Terrace,, Z Bell, 12 Micklegate, E Young, 13 Oxford street, K Sunley, 36 North Parade, A Lee, 6 White Cross road, J Dobson, 3 Emerald Street, M Monaghan and Lily Crossley, Haxby road, E Foster, 4 Radcliffe street, Kendall [sic] 83 Bishopthorpe road, Green [sic], Deangate, Mrs J Allison, 19 Thomas street,, Mrs E M Browne, 30 Union Terrace, Mrs Wells, St Clements Grove
Boys  - Masters G Auborn, Goodramgate, A G Bolton, 73 Layerthorpe. C Burrill, 8 Chestnut Avenue,, Stockton Lane, H Brownlow, 8 Park Grove
Girls - Misses E Ashton, 83 Curzon terrace, J Botterill, 13 Falsgrave Crescent, M M and Muriel Boocock, 25 Fountayne street, G Oxendale, 70 Queen Victoria Street, and Norris [sic], Cavalry Barracks.

Scene 2 78-89 AD
Aranon, a Briton - Mr G R Cox, Beech Villa Holgate,
Bedwin, a Briton - Mr Burrill, Minster Gates
Geoffrey, a Briton - Mr F J Thurgood, 52 Cromer street
Aine, A British Woman - Miss Floyd, Glenholme, Hull Road
Corwenna, a British Woman - Mrs Sweeting, Strensall
Aeifa, a British Woman - Miss F J Loadman, Stonegate
Cneius Julius Agricola - Major Christian, D S O, (Yorkshire Regiment)
Demetrius - Major Alexander, 31 New Walk Terrace
Amicius - Captain Lanyon, Strensall
First Priest - Mr J W Rougier, 4 Holly Terrace
Second Priest - Mr W Thomlinson-Walker, 3 Holly Terrace
Bran - Mr Carl Foerster, Petergate
Men - Messrs W Barnes, 69 St Paul's Terrace, J Banks, 14 Skelton street, T Burgess, 27 Railway street, J Stead, 23 Navigation Road, M Hall, 18 Alne Terrace
Women - Mrs F J Thurgood, 52 Cromer street, Mrs Benson, 9 Townend street, Mrs Benson, 160 Bishopthorpe Road, Misses G A and E A Baines, 41 Union Terrace, Blackburn and E Blackburn, 37 Markham Street, E Belcher, 52 Cromer street, E Bruce, 35 Micklegate, E Bruce, Northview, Holgate, Baxter, 5 1/2 Dove street [sic], E Burton, Eldon Street, L Bays, 11 Surtees street, N Booker, 11 Tower street, M M Beal, 56 Park Grove, E Blackburn, 51 Lindley street, E and W Chapman, 2 Scarcroft Villas, M Clulow, New Eastwick, Cully and E P Cully, 46 New York Terrace, Copley, 29 Hartoft street, R Coultate, 3 Friar's Terrace, A G Clarke, Priory street school, E Cossins, 81 Union Terrace, Mrs W Thurgood, 19 First Avenue.

 Scene 3 117-120 AD

Barrus, a Roman Officer - Mr W Key Jones, Knavesmire Lodge
Aed, a Briton - Mr F Birkett, Sutton House, Hull Road
Cillus, a Scout - Mr Mackareth, 104 Albemarle Road
Marcus Pointius - Mr C J Gardiner, Yorkshire Regiment
Lartius - Mr H C Cumberbatch, Yorkshire Regiment
Licinius - Mr C J Jeffrey, Yorkshire Regiment
Adrianus - Mr G Kirby, The Exhibition PH
Romilius - Mr F Gray, 41 North Parade
Canidia - Miss C Dodd, York Dispensary
Ladies with Canidia - Mrs A Gibbs, Ogleforth, Mrs J R Beckett, 29 Lindley street, Mrs Bruce, 84 Albemarle Road, Mrs Norris Cavalry Barracks, Mrs Richards, 5 Welton Crescent, Mrs Worsdell, 46 Queen Anne's Road, Mrs Sanderson Long, Micklegate, Mrs Lane, 26 Portland street, Nurse Crowley, 15 Monkgate, Misses Roy, Haxby, A Rayes, Low Royd, St Olave's Road, E M Cooper, Bishopthorpe,  - Sanderson, 7 St Mary's,  -  Oliver, 86 Albemarle Road, and - Hughes, Sandroyd, Wigginton Road.

Scene 4 206 AD

Fulvia, and Roman Dancer - Mrs T Pearce, 46 Knavesmire Crescent
Emperor Severus  - Mr Edwin Gray, Gray's Court
Papinianus - Mr J Clark, Bishopthorpe Road
Geta, son of Severus - Mr C H Clarkson, Melbourne Street
Caracalla, son of Severus - Mr J W Clarke, Barclay's Bank, York
Nobles with Severus - Messrs J Mortimer, 127 Walmgate, W H Morn, 19 Millfield Road, Oxbery, 12 Price's Lane, F Payne, Bishopthorpe
Priests - Messrs T Dixon, 33 Milton street, and A Precious,, Lowther street
Men - Messrs G H Cable, Heworth, R Cully, 46 New York Terrace, J M Clarke, 264 Bishopthorpe Road, J Cooper, 43 Avenue Terrace, R S Dalton, 18 Siward Street, W Dixon, 87 Newborough street, J Dale, 13 Compton Street, G W A Cook, 1 Cottage Yard, Silver street, Groves, J Dobson, 49 Kitchener street, G Lightfoot, West Court, Alne Terrace, W Hanson, 15 Palmer Lane, G Battie, 21 Hope Street, W Scott, Osbaldwick, T Cawley, 55 Long Close Lane
Women - Mrs Driver, Heworth, Mrs E Dobson, 22 Hambleton Terrace, Mrs Ernest, 6 Caroline street, Mrs T Finigan, Heworth, Misses L Castle, 15 Gray street, Conn [sic] 6 De Grey Street, Cade, 60 Thorpe street, Darby, Bishopthorpe, B Dyson, Lastingham Terrace,  L Dawson, 14 Mount Parade, E Thornton, 47 Union Terrace, E Essenbigh, 11 North-Eastern Terrace, E Foster, 4 Radcliffe street, L Fowler, Melbourne Hotel, Farr and N Farr, 44 Garth Terrace, Fenby, 74 Murray street, A M Fawcett, 50 Nunnery Lane, N Dixon, 70 Stamford street, F M Darley, Ogleforth, M Scaife, 31 Mount Ephraim, Ankers, 49 George street, Baker, 36 Garden street, F Dyson, Lastingham Terrace.
Boys - Masters A Claughton, 22 Victoria street, J L Clarke, 20 Neville Terrace, F Dowell, 29 Clifton, E G Darley, Ogleforth, S Atkin, 88 Sutherland Street.

 Scene 5 294 AD, Warring Emperors

Eri, a Briton - Mr A Monaghan, Haxby Road
Greid, a Briton - Mr J Hardaker, Upper Poppleton
Anna, a British Woman - Miss K Adamson, Minster Gates
Iddawc, a Briton  - Mr H Beswick, 34 Heslington Road
Becuma, a British Woman - Mrs Mackareth, 104 Albemarle Road
Bress, an old Briton - Mr W G Shepherd, 53 Lower Ebor Street
Brigit, a British Woman - Miss A Stericker, 6 Ratcliffe street
Carausius - Mr C R Stancliffe, 4 Grange Crescent
Alectus - Mr H M Worsley, 179 Bishopthorpe Road

Scene 6 306 AD, Triumph of Constantine

Aulus, a Messenger - Mr Wilson, Pavement
Helena, Constantine's Mother - Mrs Shaw, Welburn Hall
Emperor Constantine - Rev H T Oliver, 12 Clifton Dale
Eborius - Dr Ramsay, Petergate
First Attendant - Dr Hughes, Clifton
Second Attendant - Mr Duncan Larg, New Walk Terrace
Ladies - Misses Boyce, 10 Sycamore Terrace, A Beaumont, 33 Hambleton Terrace, E A Bell, 16 Fern Street, F Burley, 3 Allen Street, L Barnes, 68 St Paul's Terrace, H Betchetti, 3 Allen Street, Bell, 33 Melbourne street, K Cundall, 19 Shipton street, J A Scott, Acaster Malbis, Lister, 64 York Road, Haxby, Cussons, Haxby, Phillips, Haxby, E Horner, Harrogate
Lictors - Messrs G F Underwood, 32 Lord Mayor's Walk, W Wright, Penley's Grove street, B Watson, 15 Hanover street, J W Banks, 28 Oxford Street
Incense Burners - Misses A Benson, 53 Lowther Street, E Briggs, Middlethorpe, F M Bartle, 1 Chapel Row, George Street, F Beaumont, 33 Hambleton Terrace, E Cossins, 81 Union Terrace, R Crowe, 12 Arthur Street, E Clifford, 34 Argyle street, O Cotsworth, Acomb, E Coughlin, 2 Caroline street, G Chapman, Fulford, A Consertt, 3 Bean Street, M Darley, 69 Clarence Street, M Dowell, 29 Clifton, A Dowles, 5 Albemarle Road, E Faulkner, 37 Cherry Street, May Breckon, 14 Walker Street, Ellie Ford, 148 Walmgate, G T Felgate, 8 Castlegate, A Jackson, 50 Vyner Street, E Kay, Stonegate
Canulli - Misses M Butler, 2 Sandringham Street (leader), J Harrison, 13 Portland street, E Mossman, 30 St Olave's Road, H Simpson, Priory Street, D Skerry, 37 St Paul's Square, K Pfluger, 8 Bewlay Street, A Law, 9 Richardson Street, G Sanderson, 51 Vyner Street, D Wood, 1 Mount Terrace, W Yates, 74 Monkgate, M Dale, 31 Priory Street, H Hardgrave, Fire Station, E Horner, Poppleton, L Siddall, 1 Beaconsfield Street, M Bellerby, 57 East Parade, M Colton, 10 Wilton Street,  G Croft, 13 Lowther Street, D Dixon, 29 Bishopthorpe Road, A Exelby, 18 Surtees Street, M Hodgson, 29 Willis Street, F Richardson, 7 Holgate Road, N Penty, 5 New Walk Terrace, H Wolstenholme, Huntington, M Law, Lastingham Terrace, E Dixon, 142 Burton Lane; L Hester (leader), 37 Scarcroft Hill. F Akers, 14 Walker Street, J Brenner, Bolton Percy, S Brown, 4 Holgate Villas, J Butler, 21 Feversham Terrace, J Farmery, Clifton, L Haithwaite. 31 Scarborough Terrace, M Monkman, 7 Amberley Street, M Winter, 15 Richardson Street, M Best, Stillingfleet, L Ellerby, 119 Huntington Road, M Horsfield, Dunnington, D Pattinson, 64 Clarence Street, W Smithies, 40 The Mount, E Stabler, 181 Burton Lane, D Coliaro, 14 Scarcroft Hill, H Lord, 36 Arthur Street, K Pearson, 3 Ovington Terrace, J Bell, 41 Penley's Grove Street, I Hill, Fulford, D Thompson, Heworth, Gwen. Williams, Fulford, G Beauland, Clifton, E Bromilow, 8 Park Grove, M Winter, 15 Richardson Street.
Boys - Masters J Elliott, 11 Neville Terrace, M Fletcher, 29 St Andrewgate, E C Felgate, 8 Castlegate, W Glover, 3 Cleveland Place, H Gee, 9 Nunmill Street, W Howard, 5 Neville Street, S Leeming, 16 Emerald Street, L Lacoup, 49 Scarcroft Hill, E Martin, 17 White Cross Road, A E Mason, 99 Micklegate, A E Morrill, 9 Victor Street, C Myton, Clifton, B Oman, 38 Petergate, W Pickering, 1 Havelock Buildings, S and H Piercy, 47 Markham Street, H Stabler, 25 White Cross Road, G Skinner, 89 Lowther Street, R B Sparling, 21 Harcourt Street, F N Lawler, Elm House, Nunthorpe Avenue, W Harrison, 2 Philadelphia Terrace, L Hopkins, 56 Skeldergate, G Westland, 17 Charlton Street, F Bolton, 43 Victoria Street, Albert Seale, 40 South Bank Avenue.
Slaves - Masters F Clarkson, 4 Chelmsford Place, G C Styles, 29 Claremont Terrace, and Storey Junr [sic] Micklegate.

Episode III Eoferwic - Storm and Stress
Scene 1, 617 AD, Slaves Released from Rome

Snell, a Briton - Mr F W Bean, High Ousegate
Alys, a British Woman - Miss E Howell, Claremont Terrace
Elis, a British Woman - Mrs Johnson, 181 Bishopthorpe Road
Tor, a Briton - Mr Noel Morley, 3 Earlsborough Terrace
Brisen, a British Woman - Miss J Walker, Clifton Dale
Ethel, an old blind Woman - Mrs P Tuke, Stockton Lane
Laurel, a Maiden - Miss Wrigglesworth, 4 Farndale Street
Allein, a young man - Mr H H Clifford, 59 Queen Victoria Street
Felot, 1st Youth - Mr G W Stabler, 181 Burton Lane
Clarisin, a  Maiden - Miss L Crombie, 24 Darnborough Street
May, a Maiden - Miss Blain, Eldon Terrace, Haxby Road
Court - Mr J Hewitt 33 Claremont Terrace and Mr H Buck, 3 Claremont Terrace
Angles - Messrs W D Rayson, 19 Bewlay Street, H Calvert, St Clement's School, E D Preston, Beckett's Bank, S Smithson, 48 Holgate Terrace
Priests - Messrs H Grantham, 4 Vyner Terrace, W Brown, 23 Stanley Street
Monks - Messrs H Burland, 18 The Mount, T Cossins, 81 Union Terrace. J Clough, Whitby Avenue, Dr Wightman, The Mount, Rev G S Edgcombe, Clifton Dale.
New Crowd - Messrs M V Daphne, 40 Dove Street, G Etherington, Wilberfoss, A Edis, Terry's Avenue, P Ford, 23 Nunthorpe Road, G G Gawthorp, 8 Carnot Street, J Gulland, 16 Longfield Terrace, A E Grewer, 7 Stanley Street, C W Saunders, Heworth, J Trodden, 10 Bright Street, J Harrison, 2 Bowman's Yard, T Foster, 39 Lower Ebor Street, T Holgate, 16 Bootham Square, W Cross, 19 Mansfield Street, W Taylor, 31 Bilton Street, A Hazell, 49 James Street, T Harrison, 11 Percy Street.
Women - Misses A Gretton, 11 Goodramgate, Greenwood, 30 Micklegate, N Gray, 95 Huntington Road, A M Holmes, Heslington, E Howden, 47 Moss Street, E Howell, Claremont Terrace, L Harrison, Friends' Meeting House, C L Holmes, 26 Garth Terrace, E and L Hodgson, 50 Walmgate, L Haw, 17 Priory Street, A Hodgson, 45 St Paul's Terrace, R Hall, 33 Mount Ephraim, N Hawkins, 7 Holgate Road, F Hobson, 9 Little Stonegate, N and M Holmes, 18 Farndale Street, N Horner, Bishopthorpe, E Hornby, 2 Carleton Street, Hardy, 20 Hartoft Street, Hall, the Castle PH, E Raine, 35 Penley's Grove Street, M Green, 35 Brownlow Street, A Hare, 53 Lawrence Street, H Young, 2 Walker Street, L Gill, 9 Nicholas Street, Mrs K Hall, 3 Charles Street,, Misses A Blakey, 28 Curzon Terrace, Apedale, 10 Railway Terrace,, A Akers, Bishopthorpe, E Bruce, 28 Moss Street, E Curry, 17 Faber Street, A Cowl, 24 Rosslyn Street, E Bailey, 12 Thorpe Street, Apedale, 22 Fossgate, Clark, 45 Newbro Street [sic], Mrs Tuke, Stockton Lane, Mrs Fearnley, 23 Price Lane.
Boys - Masters A Tiplady, 46 Victoria Street, D A and L Whitehead, 11 Avenue Terrace, S and A Webster, 44 Queen Victoria Street.
Acolytes - Masters J Riley, 31 Ross street, E Potter 94 Rose Street, W Walker, 26 Rose street, A Rooke, New Earswick, A Crossley, 2 Rose street, J Rookledge, 31 White Cross Road, E Tupman, 1 Wray's Avenue, F Larcum, 13 Lockwood Street, T Wales, New Earswick, A Judges, 7 Warwick Street, W Harvey, 23 Beaconsfield Street, L Bolton, 22 Ashville street, W Ward, 1 Brigg street, C Robinson, 73 Rose street, H Henderson, 39 Garden street, W Drinkel, 4 Pilgrim Street.

Scene 2 627 AD Baptism of Edwin

King Edwin - Colonel Milner, 5th R. I. Lancers 
Coifi - Rev D M McCready, The Mount
Meliot - Dr Armytage, Acomb
Car - Dr Goode, St Leonard's
Damas - Mr Foottit, Heworth
Queen Ethelburga -  Miss Milner, Heworth
Ladies of the Court -  Misses M and S Hood, Goole
Maids of Honour - Mrs R Draper, Fulford Road, Mrs G Clarke, 5 Fulford, Miss V Ricketss [sic], Crambe Vicarage, Misses H and K Wilberforce, Fulford, Miss Dalton, Heworth Green, Miss Melrose, Ashbourne, Fulford, Mrs Moody, Pillmoor
Companions - Misses Wright, Driffield Terrace, Smith, Fulford, P Brierley, St George's Place, De Wend, Sleights, Lyons, 3 Stamford Street
Pages to the Queen -  Masters W Campbell, 19 Markham street, Wasling, Blake street, J Dunnington, 30 Garnet Terrace, Merryweather, 8 Knavesmire Crescent, Missses Beatrice Gibbs, M Burrill, E Lyons and B Dunnington
Bishop Paulinus - Rev Dr J Solloway, Micklegate
Hilda, aged 13  - Miss Mary Lindberg, Clifton
Ladies with Ethelburga - Mrs Eage, 1 Wigginton Terrace, Misses K Carroll, 2 Beresford Terrace, O Dutton, 19 Adelaide Street, G Darley, Ogleforth, Dent, Alne, Eshelby, 42 Nunnery Lane
Maidens with Ethelburga - Misses B Dunnington, 30 Garnet Terrace, M Burrill, Minster Gates, A Johnson, 68 Bootham, F Kirby. 1 Backhouse street, A S Kendall, 73 Union Terrace, Amy King, Acomb, Mrs Ankers, 3 Clayton street
Bearers - Messrs E, S , T and W Ankers, 3 Clayton street, R W Hall, 8 Kingsland Terrace, J Chapman, 36 Balfour street, G H Malthouse, 23 Salisbury Terrace, J Slater, 4 Lincoln Street.

Scene 3 635-663 AD, Fixing Easter
Saint Aidan - Rev H M Wellington, South Kirby, Wakefield
Colman - Mr G A Potter-Kirby, 29 St Mary's
King Oswy - Mr F Savage, 29 Marygate
Hild, Abbess of Streaneshalch  - Mrs J H Jeffrey, 23 Sycamore Terrace
Aeflead - Miss E Symmons, 9 Feversham Terrace
Eanfled - Miss Ivy Garland, Hull Road
Agilbert, Bishop of Dorchester - Mr Shepherd, Minster Gates
Wilfrid, a Priest - Mr P Tuke, Stockton Lane
Sister Freda - Miss Hewson, 51 Lawrence street
Sister Martha - Miss Connie Savage, 29 Marygate
Nuns - Mrs Rose, 4 Gillygate, Mrs H S Penty, 14 Coney street, Mrs G Jackson, 2 Wentworth Road, Misses Bennett, 15 Richardson Street,  Kerr, Heworth, H Talbot, Fishergate, Howard, Marygate, Lacamp, Scarcroft Hill, G Tuke, 14 Coney Street, K Savage, 29 Marygate, Cooke, 7 Castlegate, F Hanson, 18 Scarcroft Hill
Angles - Mrs Whalley, Albemarle Road, Misses Dawson, 2 South Parade, Clough, Whitby Avenue
Court - Miss E Crombie, 24 Darnborough Street, Martin, 23 Lower Eldon Street, Lack, Ogleforth, O Stanhope, Heworth, M Woolford, Fulford Road
Pages to king Oswy - Masters J Walker, 20 Lansdowne Terrace, W Benson, 18 Elmwood street, J W Fidkin, 17 Fitzroy Terrace, J Walker, 3 Fitzroy Terrace, S Fearne, 8 Wellington street, B Smith, 41 Wellington street, C Appleyard, 27 Brinkworth Terrace, C Waite, 4 Bishopthorpe Road.
Girls - Misses F Chadwick, 34 Orchard Street, E Farrar, 2 Harfield Road, L Gordon, 78 Russell Street, K Horner, Poppleton Road, V Dixon, St John Street, E Atkinson, 44 Burton Lane, O Steed, 17 Lower Darnboroough Street, M Dodgson, 20 Bishophill, E Raine, 16 Murray Street, F Dunnington, 20 Milner Street, M Swann, 4 Millfield Road, G Workman, 24 Park Place, I Long, Dunnington, G Gibson, 26 Scarcroft Road.

 Scene 4 c. 647AD
King Eadbert - Mr G Yeld, St Peter's School
Archbishop Ecgbert - Rev E C Owen, St Peter's School
Young Alcuin - Master J F Northcote, St Peter's School
Four Nobles - Masters C A Swift, J T Gray, L Procter, A E Schroeder, St Peter's School
Hugh - Rev A W Richards, St Peter's School
Aylwin, a citizen - Mr J M Smith, St Peter's School
Priests - Masters G F Tendall, R D Foster, J A Moloney, J H R Sullivan, St Peter's School
Warmen - Masters R A M Mills, C C Taylor, A J Peters, R T Brode, A C B Moloney, A O Lacey, G G Wallace, B Northcote, R F Strange , St Peter's School
Acolytes - Masters H E K Reynolds, R M Baskett, E H Medhurst, A K Procter, J F Northcote, S Mould, St Peter's School
Additional Crowd - Messrs Hartley, 59 Union Terrace, H E Hunter, 19 Cromer Street, G Hustwick, 45 Newbiggin Street, F Hearn, Heworth
Women - Mrs Knight, 1 Cherry Street, Misses B E Law, 24 Millfield Road, B Lockwood, 79 Ambrose Street, F Locke, 34 Haxby Road, A M Metcalfe, 145 Lowther Street, N Milner, 42 North Parade, V Middleton,  30 Clement Street, R Myhill, 3 Tanner Row, E Holderness, 7 Baile Hill Terrace, M Rushman, 37 Long Close Lane, E Bradley, 24 Vyner Street, M Watson, 28 Oxford Street.
Girls - Misses G Hildreth, 7 Salisbury Terrace, R Fletcher, 29 St Andrewgate, M Lee, 9 Wellington street, Nora Myers, 55 Skeldergate, E Nichols, 22 Farndale Street, B Turnbull, 18 Garth Terrace, A Tindall, 35 Arthur Street, V Tattersfield, 26 Adelaide Street, M Watson, 28 Oxford Street, M Wilson, Haxby, G Seal, 31 Cleveland Street, A Walkington, 12 Hallfield Road, W Clough, Whitby Avenue, M Mawson, 153 Lowther Street.

 Scene 5 793 -867 AD, Viking Raids
Ranulf, a citizen - Mr W J Trapps, Education Offices
Basing, a citizen - Mr T Procter, Ashcroft
Gertrude - Miss M Tindall, 6 Bean Street
Greta - Miss Wood, Mount Terrace
Young Monk of Lindisfarne - Rev J A Hughes, Wigginton Road
King Osbert - Mr Wordsworth, York
Ulfkil - Mr G Chipchase
Ingvar the Boneless, a Dane -  Mr G Busby, Boys' Industrial School

Scene 6 937 AD, Uniting England
Anlaf - Mr T S Lambert, 13 New Street
Udgrim - Mr W J Lane, 26 Portland Street
Messenger - Mr A Birch, 21 Drake Street
Hertha - Miss W Wood, 1 Mount Terrace
Archbishop Wulfstan - Rev E W Evans, Golsborough Vicarage, Knaresborough
Minstrel - Mr J Clarke, 5 Lastingham Terrace
King Athelstan - Mr W Coates, Helperby Park

Episode IV IORWIC - An end and a beginning
Scene 1 1055 AD - Death of Siward
Siward Dighera - Dr Porter, Helmsley
Waltheof his son, a boy - Master John Knight, 57 Micklegate
Archbishop Cynsige - Rev P J Shaw, All Saints' Rectory
Sigfrid - Mr C Boyce, 64 Vyner Street
New Crowd of men - Mr Horace Hall, 36 Mansfield Street, Mr J B Holt, 5 Lower Eldon Street, Mr T Jenkinson, 9 St Leonard's, Mr H A Kelsey, Acomb, Mr S J Kelley, Lendal Chambers, Mr P Loadman, 64 Bishopthorpe Road, Mr C Judges, 7 Warwick Street, Haxby Road, Mr E Hornsey, Heworth, Mr E Ardley, 5 Dennison Street, Mr J Peacock, 28 Richmond Street, Mr J Green, 33 Albert Street, Mr W T Cormack, 9 Downhill Street, Mr W Garbutt, 50 Stamford Street, Mr J Duffill, 8 Rougier Street, Mr J Firth, 1 Mill Street, Mr W Barnes, 50 Stamford Street,, Mr W Dunn, 14 Walker Street.
New Crowd of Women - Miss M H Mann, 44 Havelock Terrace, Miss C Moore, 28 Ashville Street, Miss G Martin, 2 Falconer Street, Miss H and Miss M Newey, 7 High Petergate, Miss M Nelson, 4 Spencer Street, Miss F Orrey, 33 Bright Street, Miss M M Pay, School House Heslington; Miss M Peckett, Leeman Hotel, Leeman Road, Miss J Precious, 19 Walker Street, Miss F Pilmoor, 9 Baker Street, Mrs Potter, 20 Priory Street, Miss C Pedley, 57 Rose Street, Miss L Pinder, 19 Sycamore Street, Miss M Ogden, Townend Street, Miss Rosa Martin, 23 Lower Eldon Street, Miss M Porteous, 7 Cromer Street, Miss F Avison, 24 Bright Street, Miss A M Consitt, 3 Bean Street, Miss Cross, 23 Upper Newborough Street, Miss G Elliott, Great Northern Hotel, Railway Street, Miss Foster, Copmanthorpe, Miss A Green, Rosedale Street, Miss M MacCarthy, Queen Victoria Street, Miss M Dinsdale, Waddington's Yard, Gillygate, Mrs A L Taylor, Bishopthorpe Road, Miss A Scaife, 23 St Saviourgate.
Boys - Master L Milburn, Cygnet Street, Master Gilbert Benson, 50 Scott Street, Master Samuel Barners, 3 Lower Ebor Street, Master Joseph Harvey, 2 Ovington Terrace, Master Cyril Morton, 22 Albemarle Street
Girls (Brook Street School) - Miss L Hulatt, Hanover Street, Miss F Davies, Park Grove, Miss D Croft, Chapterhouse Street, Miss I Henderson, 66 Fountayne Street, Miss A Fountain, 20 Baker Street, Miss M Cooper, 3 Avenue Terrace, Miss F Lisle, 38 Park Grove, Miss M Yates, 74 Monkgate, Miss M Temple, 21 Cleveland Street, Miss Irene Williams, Fulford, Miss D Goodwill, 16 Park Grove,, Miss E Parkinson, 62 St Olave's Road, Miss D Kirby, 230 Bishopthorpe Road, Miss S Simpson, 126 Walmgate, Miss M Johnson, Bishopthorpe Road.
Candle Bearers - Masters Horace Wood, 84 Huntington Road, A G Wilson, Haxby, J White, 38 Hambleton Terrace, E Pratt, 30 Mansfield street, W Mason, Scarcroft Road, John Balme, 18 Hampden Street
Nobles with Siward - Mr W Wilson, Heslington, Mr J Wetherll Junr, The Mount. Mr T H L Yardley, 61 Wellington Street, Mr C Boyce, Vyner Street, Mr J Allison, 19 Thomas Street, Mr R W Stubbs, 7 Scott Street, Mr H M Loadman, Stonegate, Mr A Loadman, 6 Bishopthorpe Road

 Scene 2 1050-1066 AD, York attacked by Tostig
Tostig, Earl of Northumbria - Mr J W Wood, Norfolk Street
Gamel, son of Orm - Mr A E Ratcliffe, 2 Davygate
Ulf, son of Dolfin - Mr H Dawon, Stamford Bridge
A Thegn - Mr H Dawson, Stamford Bridge
Messenger - Mr H S Brown, Dringhouses
Githa, Gamel's wife - - Miss Kendrew, 126 Haxby Road
Morcar of Mercia - Mr Noel Terry, York
Vebba, - Mr Percy Lawson, 49 Wentworth Road
King Harold, brother of Tostig - Mr H Terry, Trentholme
Lady Aldwyth - Miss Carrie Unett, Huntington
Pages - Miss Enid and Miss V Sutton Lowe, Huntington
Extra Lady in Waiting [sic] - Mrs and Miss Rowntree, Bootham School, Mrs Stansfeld, White House, Acomb
Archbishop Aldred - Rev H T S Gedge, St Mary's
Messenger, later wounded - Mr Horace Brown, Dringhouses
Osgod - Mr F B T Lee, Trentholme
Harold Hardrada - Major Jackson
Minstrel - Mr E H Morgan, Feversham Crescent
Thegn from Battle of Pevensey - Councillor Bailey, Petergate
Nobles with Tostig - Mr C W Wright, 79 Bishopthorpe Road, Mr F W Shepherd, New Walk Terrace, Mr Ernest Andrew, Mill Cottage, Naburn, Mr G S Bellerby, Micklegate
Nobles with Harold - Mr H Waterworth, 4 Barker's Terrace, Clifton, Mr F Taylor, Bishopthorpe, Mr W Stanhope, Leake Street, Mr Cyril Pratt, 44 Coney Street
Ladies - Miss Fishburn, 17 Leake Street, Miss F Fishburn, 17 Leake street, Miss S Fearne, 14 Kidd's Terrace, Miss Frost, Stockton Lane, Mrs M Milburn-Wilson, Mayfield, Bishopthorpe Road, Miss Guffick, 13 Wigginton Terrace, Miss Eland, 81 Union Terrace
Pages to Harold - Masters E Thompson, Bishophill, W Butcher, 8 Lovell Street, M D'Hooghe, 2 Richardson Street, Masters Turner, Wigginton Cottage, M B Briggs, 12 Markham Crescent.

Scene 3 1069 AD Harrying of the North

Witgar, a citizen - Mr P M Dewhirst, 26 Queen Anne's road
Ulling, a Citizen - Mr J Bamborough, 5 Croft's Terrace
Godild, a woman - Miss Sharp, 38 Gillygate
Gytha, a Woman - Miss Arrowsmith, Alne
Robert FitzRichard, a Norman - Mr H Wetherill, 17 The Mount
William Malet, Sheriff of York - Mr W H Schofield, Penley Grove Street
Waermund, of Iorwic - Mr G Harrison, Portland Street
William FitzOsbern, a Norman - Mr A B Brown, 22 Marygate
Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland - Mr D Duffield, 8 Richardson Street
Archbishop Ealdred - Rev. H T S Gedge, St Mary's
Edgar the Atheling - Mr W T Phipps, Acomb
William the Conqueror - Major Rudgard, St George's Place
Thomas of Bayeux, a Priest - Mr D H Stewart, 31 Grosvenor Terrace

Episode V York, State and Splendour

Scene 1 1132 AD, Archbishop v. Abbot

Roger the Sacrist - Dr Sanderson Long, Micklegate
William the Precentor - Mr W Peacock, Acomb
Henry, Master of the Horse - Mr P Kirke, North Street
Geoffrey the Cellarer - Mr J W Trowsdale, Holgate road
Benedict the Sub-Prior - Rev. H M Corlett, Holly Terrace
Hugh, a Physician - Mr J D Irving, Nunthorpe Road
Richard, the Lord Prior  - Rev G Trundle, Coney Street
Savaricus, Abbot of St Mary's - Mr A Precious, 135 Lowther Street
Archbishop Thurstan - Mr Garrod, North Riding Asylum
Knight Templar - Mr C Charlesworth, Croft Villa, Gomersall
Monks with Archbishop Thurstan (mixed orders) - Mr J Hardcastle, 6 James street, Mr Harold Horner, Model School, Mr G P Johnson, 25 Townend street, Mr W Ernest, 6 Caroline Street, Mr J S Guffick, 13 Wigginton Terrace, Mr E Grewer, 7 Standley street, Mr E Goodall, The Mount, Mr F Hields, 13 Neville street, Mr W Driscoll, 60 Rose street, Mr E Clay, Bishophill, Mr J D Irving, 52 Nunthorpe Road, Mr Fentiman, 31 Swann street, Mr A E Guy, 15 Prospect Gardens, Mr H P Wallis, 49 St Olave's Road, Mr R Randerson, 108 Haxby Road, Mr R Tose, 19 Farrar Street, Mr G Atkinson, 4 Brinkworth Terrace.
Six Monks from Operatic Society - as per Episode III Scene 3
Norman Crowd (men) - Mr F Lowley, 44 Newborough street, Mr E Martin, 23 Lower Eldon Street, Mr J Morrod, 68 Union Terrace, Mr R Mills, 7 Minster Gates, Mr P Mountain, Heworth, Mr T Moss, Bishopthorpe Road, Mr R H Martin, 69 Lawrence street, Mr R Mackereth, 104 Albemarle Road, Mr R E Morrall, Naburn, Mr A E Morrill, 9 Victor street, Mr L Maxwell, 26 Buckingham Terrace,, Mr J M Nicholson, 17 Harcourt street, Mr J Palethorpe, 37 Vine street, Mr H Pavis, 10 Richmond Street, Mr F W Pinder, 18 Frederick street, Mr H Pearson, Gray's Court, Mr J T Richardson, Micklegate, Mr Ernest Ryder, St John's street, Mr R E Ripley, 24 Priory street, Mr T Rymer, 24 Neville Street, Mr J Rafton, 3 Pickering Terrace, Mr C Robinson, 73 Lindley Street, , Mr J W Stephenson, Layerthorpe, Mr R Toes, 28 Bilton Street, Mr J Bell, 76 Kitchener street, Mr G Machin, Aldwark
Crowd, women - Miss M Pickering, Clifton, Nurse A Pauline, St Mary's, Miss M Powell, Hampden, Miss F Poyntz, Union Terrace, Miss N Plews, Fulford Road, Miss M Prestidge, Wentworth Road, Miss G Pinder, Frederick Street, Miss E Shaw, Baker Street, Miss Sootheran, Haxby, Miss J Simpson, Gray Street, Mis E Stewart, 9 Union Terrace, Miss Andrew, 4 The Crescent, Miss M Smart, Tanner Row, Mrs Shepherd, 17 Markham Street, Miss L Thompson, 5 St George's Terrace, Miss E Toes, 44 Victoria Street, Miss Thackwray, 106 Bishopthorpe Road, Mrs W Taylor, 11 Frederick street, Miss E Trowsdale, 248 Salisbury Terrace, Miss C Swales, 48 Gillygate, Miss H Stainthorpe, 26 Coppergate, Miss Trowsdale, 27 Shipton Street, Miss M Potter, Seafield Villa, Fishergate, Miss E Gott, 9 Warwick street, Miss J Hodgson, Hull Road, Miss Richardson, Mount Parade, Miss Sanderson, Stockton on Forest, Miss M Bean, 18 Fenwick Street, Miss E Silvester, 7 St Saviourgate, Miss M Bell, Stockton on Forest, Miss Lintfoot, Alne.
Girls (Brook Street School) -  Miss S Thompson, 75 Rose Street, Miss E Ridley, 9 Sycamore Terrace, Miss P McGregor, 31 Vine street, Miss M Marston, 56 Scott Street, Miss G Moyser, 7 St John's Crescent, Miss N Varley, 36 Newbiggin Street, Miss G White, Tollerton, Miss J Dixon, Heworth, Miss M McLaurie, 24 Queen Anne's Road, Miss E Bosomworth, 21 Markham Crescent, Miss E Woodall, 35 Farrar Street, Miss V Braithwaite, 61 Lawrence street, Miss H Parkinson, 62 St Olave's Road, Miss J Cotton, 10 Wilton Street, Miss L Spurr, 21 Bootham Crescent, Miss M Willis, 24 Wigginton Road, Miss L Storey, 45 Farrar Street, Miss F Smith, New Earswick, Miss B Murchison, Homestead Cottages.
Boys - Masters W Roden, Francis Street, Ed. Powell, 6 George Street, John Goodson, 27 Milton Street, Tom Burrows, 25 Granville Terrace, George Plumpton, 6 Catherine street.

Scene 2, 1138 AD, Barons summoned by Archbishop

Bernard de Baliol - Mr J M Gardner, 2nd Yorks Regiment
A Scrivener - Mr N C Scott, St Peter's Grove
Walter de Gant - Mr C F Langon, 2nd Yorks Regiment
Robert de Bruce - Mr Jeeveland, 2nd Yorks Regiment
Roger de Mowbray - MR G M Jeffrey, Yorks Regiment
Gilbert de Lacy - Mr N R S Ledgard, 2nd Yorks Regiment
William de Percy - Mr D N Magee, 2nd Yorks Regiment
Walter de L'Espec - Mr Cumberbatch, 2nd Yorks Regiment
William de Stuteville - Sergt-Major Howas, 2nd Yorks Regiment
William Fossard - Quartermaster-Sergt Simpson, 2nd Yorks Regiment
Archbishop Thurstan (in a litter) - Mr Garrod, North Riding Asylum
Squires - Mr F Curran, St Sampson Square, Mr P M Dewhurst, 26 Queen Anne's Road, Mr A Fairclough,  Bishopthorpe Road, Mr J W Kay, 25 Mount Vale, Mr J H Lupton, 15 Bootham, Mr F J Stephenson, 34 St Paul's Square, Mr D M Stewart, 40 Grosvenor Terrace, Mr F F Sherwood, 8 Priory Street, Mr P White, Skelton Road, Mr W Sanderson, 42 Kensington Street, Mr C H Wilkinson, 140 Burton Lane, Sergeant Allchin, Monk Bar, Mr J Donaldson, 45 Amberley Street, Poppleton Road, Mr B Callear, Fishergate, Mr J W Moss, Bishopthorpe Road, Mr H Morrall, Fenwick Street, Mr W Fox, Navigation Road, Mr C Dickinson, 30 Victor Street.
Pages -  Masters Charles Waite, 4 Bishopthorpe Road, Stanley Atkin, 88 Sutherland Street, Walter Harrison, 2 Philadelphia Terrace, Leslie Hopkins, 56 Skeldergate, Gordon Westland, 17 Charlton Street, Fred Bolton, 43 Victoria Street, Lionel Milburn, 37 Swan Street, Thomas Knaggs, 13 Cygnet Street, Samuel Barnes, 3 Low Ebor Street, J Harvey, 2 Ovington Terrace, Cyril Norton, 22 Albemarle Terrace, John Balme, 18 Hampden Street, E Thompson, Bishophill, R Chadwick, Swann Street, W Butcher, 3 Lovell Street, M D Hooghe, 2 Richardson Street, A Seale, 40 South Bank Avenue, E Wright, 79 Bishopthorpe Road, A Westland, 17 Charlton Street, A Haddington, 35 Vine Street.

Scene 3 1142 - 1154 AD, Tournament and miracle of St William

Mary - Miss M Peters, Bishop Wilton Vicarage
Cicely - Miss Joan Ware, Minster Yard
Joan - Miss N Baines, Bell Hall
Maggie - Miss Lindberg, Clifton, York
Bridget - Miss Marjorie Scott, St Peter's Grove
Ursula - Miss G Evans, Goldsborough Rectory, Knaresborough
A Lady - Miss Parker, Clifton
Nigel, Mayor of York - Alderman Foster, Bootham
Roland, Albemarle's esquire - Mr P B Dyson, Bootham
Oliver, Richmond's esquire -  Mr C Dawson, Fishergate
Earl of Albemarle - Mr R W R Scott, Micklegate
Earl of Richmond - Mr R T Pearson, Oswaldkirk
King Stephen - Mr A T Burton, Turnham Hall, Selby
William Fitzherbert, Chamberlain of King Stephen - Col. Sergt. Markes, Yorks. Regiment
Archbishop Murdac - Mr R Kay, Parliament Street
Thomas Ann, a citizen - Mr George Longstaff, 57 Moss Street
Samuel Crisp, a citizen - Mr F A Camidge, Stonegate
Barbara, a citizen - Mrs Pennyman, Bishopthorpe
William Fitzherbert, Archbishop of York - Rev. W G Pennyman, Bishopthorpe
William, Earl of Warren - Sergt. Wilson, Yorks Regiment
Simon de St Liz - Sergt Newey, Yorks Regiment
Ingebram de Say - Sergt Sanson, Yorks Regiment
Walter d'Eyncourt, Sergt Robinson, Yorks Regiment
Noble Ladies - Mrs Horner, 45 Hambleton Terrace, Miss Naylor, 48 St Paul's Terrace, Mrs Parkin, 50 Albemarle Road, Miss McOnegal, 37 Cleveland Street, Mrs Perry, 71 Thorpe Street, Mrs Wolstenholme, 79 Thorpe Street, Miss Kettlewell, Huntington, Miss Manning, Acomb, Mrs Fisher, Jewbury, Mrs Morrell, Jewbury, Miss Jarvis and Miss E Jarvis Belle Vue Terrace, Miss N Jackson, 11 Union Terrace, Miss H Jackson, Miss E Johnson, 25 Townend street, Mrs McPherson, 8 Darnborough street, Miss Marshall, 6 Whitby Terrace, Miss M McKew, The Retreat, Miss Moss, 11 Chatsworth Terrace.
Girls (from Brook Street School) - Misses F Bell, 28 Garnet Terrace, F Humphries, 43 Milton street, F Dickson, Fulford, A Wilson, Dunnington, M Pratt, Riccall, P Kettlewell, 14 Filey Terrace, M Hutchinson, 25 Vine Street, D Wood, 26 Cleveland Street, E Howcroft, Riccall, M White, 38 Hambleton Terrace, M Bell, 28 Garnet Terrace, R Martin, 25 Lower Eldon Street, N Milner, St Saviour's Place, H Metcalfe, Nunnery Lane, N Mallinson, Gillygate, L Marshall, 60 Park Grove, A Ridley, 9 Sycamore Terrace, E Hawkin, 75 Russell Street, E Holub, 7 Millfield Road, H Boyce, 64 Vyner Street.
Nuns (of various orders) - Miss B T Parratt, 6 Cleveland Terrace, Whitby, Mrs Lamacraft, Burton Lane. Miss R Ankers, Claremont Terrace, Miss F Hessel, Wilberfoss, Miss Sale, City Arms Hotel, Fishergate, Miss Winterton, 37 Melbourne Street, Miss Jones, 16 Park Place.
Pages - Masters H Clark, 36 Thorpe Street, T Dixon, 29 Bishopthorpe Road, E Beeby, 12 Albemarle Road, R Bakes, 10 Cleveland Street, A Coates, 11 Millfield Road, Stanley Morrell, 34 Scarcroft Road, F Jameson, 52 Albemarle Road, L Robinson, 56 Millfield Road, J W Hawthorne, 18 Mount Parade, B Seymour, 14 Scarcroft Road, G Richardson, 7 Upper Price Street, J W Hall, 13 South Parade, F Watson, 43 East Mount Road, W Shackleton, 21 Darnborough Street, J Haxby, 14 Windsor Street, Douglas Harris, 45 Queen Victoria Street, Arthur Newton, 72 Knavesmire Crescent, C Whitelock, 7 Holgate Road, A L Baker, 94 Brunswick Street, W H Lattimore, 27 Richardson Street.

Scene 4 1190 AD, Massacre of Jews

Tooke Flower, Mayor of York -  Mr H Craven, Bootham
Smimeria, his wife - Miss Dalle Claire, Spurriergate
Josias, a Jew - Mr T Beadham, Stamford Bridge
Anna, his wife - Miss Keene, Clarence Street
First child, a boy - Master A Blandford, 29 St Ann Street
Second child, a boy - Master Joseph Wainwright, 16 Alne Terrace
Third child, a girl - Miss Parkin, 50 Albemarle Road
Fourth child, a girl - Miss Ivy Gillance, 5 Filey terrace
Fifth child, a girl - Miss Evelyn Eysington 40 Cromer Street
Joseph - Mr C Woodham, 28 Knavesmire Crescent
Sarah - Miss Wray, Smales Street
Simeon - Mr J S Hibbert, 5 Feversham Crescent
Rachel - Miss Page, Clifton Dale
Miriam, a girl - Miss L Daphne, 40 Dove Street
A Rabbi - Mr J Parkes, Fossgate
Baruch, a young Jew - Mr H S Green, The Mount
Levi, wounded - Mr J Wilson, 19 Lowther Street
Sir Robert de Ghent - Mr J R Birch junr, Mansion House
Sir Richard de Malabys - Mr Hargraves, York
Sir John de Marshall - Mr J Benson, Bishopthorpe Road
Henry de Fishergate - Mr F Shepherd, New Walk Terrace
Henry de Cuningstrete - Mr H C Dods, Heworth
Robert de Selby - Mr W Stanhope, 6 Leake Street
Gerard de Bretegate - Mr J H Breen, The Mount
Sir Robert de Turnham - Dr Sanderson Long, Micklegate
Man with Josias - Mr H Johnson, Bishopthorpe
Ladies with Anna - Misses Elsie Johnson, Heworth Road, N Locke, Mowbray House, E Locke, Mowbray House, F Myers, 2 Dudley Street, Groves, Miss Nelson, 165 Monkton Terrace, M Parker, City Arms Hotel, Miss Noble, 21 East Mount Road, Mrs Winterton, 37 Melbourne street.
Jewish Boys - Masters J Flentham, 33 Alne Terrace, W Wycherley, 8 Phoenix Street, Albert Brown, 36 Granville Terrace, W R Lamplough, 26 Melbourne Street
Jewish Girls - Misses M Hodgson, 36 Falsgrave Crescent, B Booth, 37 Shipton Street, D Philips, 6 Portland Street, Doris Lowley, 44 Newborough Street, Hilda Shears, 36 Abbey Street, Vera Shears, 36 Abbey Street, Dorothy Wake, 58 St Olave's Road, C Mawer, 2 Eastern Terrace, Ida Wadsworth, 78 Newborough Street, Alice Hodgson, 43 Falsgrave Crescent
Additional Crowd (men) - Mr F Sollitt, 6 King's Square, Mr W F Smith, 26 Abbey Street, Mr A Shearsmith, 39 Vine Street, Mr A G Simpson, 23 Townend Street, Mr C Smith, 11 Walpole Street, Mr C Smith, 17 Buckingham Street, Mr S Davies, St Maurice's Road, Mr W Curry, 13 Richmond Street, Mr H Bolton, 1 Lower School Street, Mr P Anderson, 7 Bootham Row, Mr W H Bush
Additional Crowd (women) - Mrs Tee, Micklegate, Miss U Umpleby, Burton Lane, Miss A Umpleby, Burton Lane, Miss E Wilson, 37 Walpole Street, Miss M Wedgwood, 89 High Petergate, Miss O Winship, Petergate, Miss N Whitworth, 28 Rosslyn Street, Miss N Kelstrip, 57 Newbiggin Street, Miss Livesey, 13 Compton Street, Miss Mawson, 14 James Terrace, Miss C G Law, Holgate, Miss J Wedgwood, 159 Burton Lane, Miss M Simpson, 23 Townend Street, Mrs Simpson, Townend Street.

Scene 5 1319, Visit of Edward II

Nicholas Fleming, Mayor of York - Mr J P Gent, Queen Anne Street School
John Raine, Bailiff - Mr R Hagyard, Guildhall
John Bachelsay, Bailiff - Capt Pearson, Blake Street
King Edward II - Mr R Jocelyn, Talemore Park, Bryansford, Co. Down
Hugh le Despenser - Mr H J Horsley, Helperby
Earl of Pembroke - Mr H C Jennings, 5th (R I ) Lancers
Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford - Mr C F Lock, 5th (R I ) Lancers
Sir Edward Darel - Captain W H Key, Fulford Hall
Queen Isabella - Mrs Hohler, The Mount
Archbishop William de Melton - Major Lindberg, Clifton, York
John de Hotham, Bishop of Ely - Rev E C Henley, Kirk Hammerton
Alan de Nesse, Abbot of St Mary's - Mr M Knowles, Stonegate
Sir Simon Warde - Mr W H Potter, Malton Road
First Lady with Isabella - Mrs Claude Thompson, Escrick
Second Lady - Miss Jenyns, Dringhouses
Third Lady - Mrs P Wormald, Clifton, York
Fourth Lady - Miss Oliphant, Dringthorpe
Fifth Lady - Hon. Mrs Willoughby, Acomb
Sixth Lady - Mrs Wickham-Boynton, Burton Agnes, Driffield
Sir Robert de Keith, Mareschal of Scotland - Mr G Brown, 25 Bootham
Sir Alexander Seton - Mr H S Thorpe, Harcourt Street
Flowergirls for Queen Isabella - Misses Bessie D Tomlinson, 38 South Bank Avenue, Violet May Hardbattle, South Bank, E Moore, Bishopthorpe Road, E Cartwright, Mount Ephraim, M J Pratt, Naburn Locks, L Foster, Upper Price Street, E E Myers, The Groves, B L Martin, Falconer Street, L E Buckle, 54 Russell Street, N Mason, Acomb, E M Law, Holgate Road, C E Micklewait, Holgate Road.

Scene 6 1328, Marriage of Edward III and Princess Philippa

John d'Arcy, High Sheriff - Mr C E Cass, Kirk Hammerton
Nicholas Langton, Mayor of York - Dr H Foster, Bootham
Lady Mayoress - Mrs Foster, Bootham
John de Ros, King's Steward - Mr C Harland, North Parade
King's Herald - Mr H C Scott, St Peter's Grove
Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Kent - Mr J E Connell, Heslington
Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March - Mr Arthur Connell, Heslington
Thomas, Baron Wake, Constable of London - Mr H Brown, Marlborough Grove
Henry, Lord Beaumont - Mr J Pennock, St Andrewgate
King Edward III - Hon. Guy Charteris, Cadogan Square, London
Princess Philippa of Hainault - The Hon. Miss Lawley, Escrick Park
Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl - Mr J W Cooper, Haxby Road
Sir Alan Cathcart - Mr W Perkis, Barbican Road
Sir David Lindsay - Mr A S Rooke, Naburn Mills
Sir William Ramsay of Dalhousie - Mr J Burrow, Burton Lane
Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell - Mr H Shepherd, Railway Street
Sir James Douglas of Douglas - Mr A J Place, Skelton
Humphrey Bohun, Earl of Hereford - Mr Locke, 5th Lancers
Bridesmaids to Philippa - Misses Scott, Micklegate, Young, Pavement, Windass, Osbaldwick Hall, Collier-Goode, Fulford, B Baldwin, Holtby Vicarage, Storrs-Fox, Huntington Vicarage, Cudworth, Dringhouses, H Cudworth, Dringhouses, Newton, Holtby, Miss Waddington, Clifton.
Flemish Lords:
William, Lord Bailleul - Mr G C Pepper, Escrick
Michael, Lord of Ligne - Mr C Lambton, Escrick
John, Lord of Hainault - Mr C Thompson, Escrick
Flemish Ladies - Miss Aston, Miss Charteris, Mrs Eley, Miss Preston
Flowergirls (from Brook Street School) - Misses A Denton, Murray Street, E McGregor, 31 Vine Street, E Moore, 5 Richardson Street, H Bickle, Foss Islands, M Ringrose, 54 Horner Street, M Whittaker, Poppleton, K Green, Welburn, C Ellis, Knavesmire Crescent, G Hartley, 38 Scarcroft Hill, D DeLittle, 69 Bishopthorpe Road, A Gladders, 71 Murray Street, A Smith, 19 Hartoft Street, N Lowther, Barton-le-Willows, O Shepherd, 13 New Walk Terrace, E Wright, Bishopthorpe Road, O Tyrer, 27 North Parade, M Pressly, 62 Bootham, Alice Pressly, 62 Bootham. E Cole, 82 Vyner Street, D Price, 1 Holly Terrace, D Shilleto, 10 Emerald Street, P Cooper, 25 Stonegate, E Wright, 40 Smales Street, C Jenkinson, 32 Park Grove, G Chipchase, Acomb, H Butler, 21 Feversham Terrace, E Waddington, 35 Vine Street, M Yates, 74 Monkgate
Pages - Mr G Waterworth, Goodramgate, Mr D Holgate, Marygate, A W Lupton, Bootham, Miss M Barnes, St Olave's Road, Miss Kathleen McLaurie, Queen Anne's Road.

Scene 7 1389, Richard II declares York a County

Archbishop Thomas Arundel - Rev Canon Argles, St Clement's Rectory
William Selby, Mayor of York - Alderman Border, Grimston Hill
Mistress Selby, Lady Mayoress - Mrs Border, Grimston Hill
John de Askham, Bailiff - Mr A Anderson, Coney Street
Robert South, Bailiff - Mr Burrill, Clifton Green, York
Mistress Askham - Miss Dresser, Kelfield
Mistress South - Mrs Oakley, Poppleton
Mistress Lindsay, Bailiff's wife - Miss Buckle, Heslington
Mistress Woodyear - Miss Little, Huntington
Bohemian Squires - Mr A Butler, 8 Elmwood Street, Mr F Woodhouse, 60 Priory Street, Mr L R Pinder, 23 Wellington Street, Mr R Skinner, 41 Layerthorpe
King Richard II - Colonel Armytage, White House, Clifton
Queen Anne of Bohemia - Miss Armytage, White House, Clifton
Hrabe Kor Korunec z-Kokorovna, a Bohemian Count - Mr J Pennyman, K.O.B., Berwick-on-Tweed
Hrabe Khuen z-Belasi, a Bohemian Count - Mr J Bardwell, Bolton Hall, Wilberfoss
Rytir z-Ponesin, a Bohemian Knight - Captain I'Anson, Depot West Yorks
Rytir z-Svoisin, a Bohemian Knight - Mr Marmaduke Wyvill, Constable Burton Hall
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster - Major Radcliffe, Fulford
Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel - Major P Langdale
Thomas de Mowbray, Earl Marshal - Mr T W Calverley-Rudston, Allerthorpe Hall
Lord Ralph Neville of Raby - Capt M L Porter, 9 St Leonards
John, Lord Devereux - Major Miles J Stapylton, Myton Hall, Helperby
Sir John Godard, High Sheriff - Mr W S Hunter, Gilling Castle
Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick - Captain Francis DSO, Depot Barracks
Richard Maudelyn, Prebend of York, double of Richard II, beheaded by Henry IV
Ladies attending Queen Anne - Misses Worsley, Hovingham, O Burrell, Hovingham, Pennyman, Ormesby Hall, Wyvill, Constable Burton Hall, De Lisle, Joan Palmes, Lingcroft, Parker-Ferris, Meaford Hall, Staffs, Miss Powell, Sharow Hall, Ripon
Pages attending Queen Anne - Masters V Hughes. 62 Alma Terrace, H Holder, 27 Cemetery Road, J Howard, 38 Winterscale Street, J Fryatt, 137 Walmgate, J Boag, 48 Elmwood street, T Peacock, 27 Aldwark, H Umpleby, Lawrence Street, R White, 24 Stonegate, W Brown, 62 Regent Street, W Bean, 7 Fitzroy Terrace, S Gardner, 21 Barbican Road, R Dyson, 65 Kitchener Street, A Thompson, 26 Lansdowne Terrace, S Greenwood, Gardens, Fulford Grange, O Bradly, 99 Walmgate, E Wright, 79 Bishopthorpe Road.

Scene 8 1405, Archbishop Richard Scrope rebels against tyrant Henry IV

John Howe, citizen of York - Mr T W Slyth, 14 Ambrose Street
Robert Kympton, citizen of York - Mr T Hamilton, 10 Grange Street
Simon Maynard, citizen of York - Mr J M Nicholson, 17 Harcourt Street
John Hert - Mr H Watson, 18 Emerald Street
John Danby - Mr A Middleton, 89a Goodramgate
Agnes Danby - Miss E Abbey, 47 Holgate Terrace
Anne Sands - Mrs H C Shann, Micklegate
John Harrington - Mr R E Farrar, 4 Wentworth Road
Thomas, Lord Bardolph - Sergeant-Major Allison, 5th (RI) Lancers
Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland - Bandmaster Norris, 5th (RI) Lancers
King Henry IV, deposer of Richard II and beheader of Archbishop - Mr D C Larg, New Walk Terrace
Prince John - Mr E R Sutton, Blake Street
Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmoreland - Mr H Morrel, Scarcroft
John Beaufort, Marquis of Dorset - Mr G E Garbutt, Fulford Road
Thomas FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel - Mr Inman, Gillygate
Sir Thomas Beaufort - Mr S G C Padel, The Mount
Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury - Canon Argles, St Clement's Rectory
Richard le Scrope, Archbishop of York - Rev. H T S Gedge, St Mary's
His Executioner - Mr R W Sanderson, 26 Hampden Street
Crowd - Messrs F Scott, 75 Lowther Street, J W Sharp, 22 Palmer Lane, W Sharp, 38 Gillygate, E Simpson, 8 Charles Street, H H Archer, 7 Clayton Street, A E Osborne, Fulford, T Dixon, 29 Bishopthorpe Road.
Women in Crowd - Misses E Wilkinson, 18 Ogleforth, N Woodcock, Stockton Lane, F Watson, 28 Oxford Street, H and E Watson, Bishophill, Wharram, 38 Melbourne Street, L Wedgwood, 6 West Parade, M Wray, 3 Barker's Terrace, M Whitworth, 28 Rosslyn Street, M Wood, 19 Gillygate, A Workman, 24 Park Place, M Widdall, 10 Bean Street, M Worswick, 6 Baile Hill Terrace, Milburn, 9 Emerald Street, E Nesbitt, 12 Argyle Street, Outhwaite, 8 De Grey Street, J Nichols, 22 Farndale Street, Palmer, 22 North Street, N Smith, Heworth, H and G Parkin, 73 Lincoln Street, R Air, 2 Cherry Street, E M Linfoot, Alne, Mrs A Breckin, 14 Walker Street
Pages - Masters J T Berriman, 24 Lindley Street, W Moore, Poppleton Road, B Feesenby, 6 Lavender Grove, S Holmes, 16 Ash Street, H Simons, 7 Murray Street, S Calvert, 62 Amberley Street, P Suffitt, 41 Garfield Terrace, W Pratt, Holgate, T Halstead, 220 Salisbury Terrace, A Metcalfe, 222 Salisbury Terrace, H Mees, 2 Severus Junction.

Scene 9 1461, Wars of the Roses, Battle of Towton

Queen Margaret of Anjou - Miss Fairfax, Bilbro' [sic: Bilborough?] Grange
Her Ladies - Miss M Walker, Grosvenor Terrace, Miss F Argles, St Clement's Rectory, Miss Ramsay, Petergate, Mrs Evelyn, Micklegate, Misses W and M Blunt, The Residence, Miss D Ware, Minster Yard, Miss May Palmes, Naburn, Miss Burrell, Hovingham
Edward, Prince of Wales, aged 8 - Master Fairfax, Bilbro' [sic: Bilborough?] Grange
King Henry VI - Mr M Radcliffe, Border Regiment, Strensall
Thomas, Baron de Ros - Mr G W Stabler, Burton Lane
Thomas d'Arcy - Mr E D Preston, Beckett's Bank
John, Lord Beauchamp of Powycke - Mr F Bean, High Ousegate
Lord Somerset - Dr Campbell, 83 Bishopthorpe Road
King Edward IV - Mr W F Baines, Naburn
Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick - Mr Etherington, The Poplars, Wilberfoss
John, Lord Scrope of Bolton - Mr J Hessel, Wilberfoss
Sir John Wenlock - Mr Hessel, Wilberfoss
Thomas Courtenay, Earl of Devon - Colonel Courtenay
Archbishop William Booth - Rev A Sullivan and Rev E Edgecombe, The Avenue, Clifton (conjointly)
John Stockton, Lord Mayor of York - Alderman G Potter-Kirby, St Mary's.
John Kent, Sheriff of York - Mr Anderson
Richard Claybrook, Sheriff of York - Mr Burrill
Wounded Fugitives - Mr A Loadman, 64 Bishopthorpe Road, Mr A Hall, Alma Terrace, Mr H Beswick, 34 Heslington Road

Scene 10 1483, Richard III views Pageant of the Shepherds from Corpus Christi plays

Sir John Hudson, Rector of All Saints - Rev J Williams, Poppleton Vicarage
Richard Burgess, Parish Clerk of St Crux - Mr T Harwood, Bootham
Town Crier - Mr C E Wake, Bishophill
Thomas Oudebarrow, master carpenter - Mr Ridsdale Tate, The Crescent
Performers of the Chandlers Play, The Angels and the Shepherds:
William Lambe, Primus Pastor (first shepherd) - Mr J W Wood, Norfolk Street
Peter Eske, Secundus Pastor (second shepherd) = Mr H R Morrell, Scarcroft School
Robert Mern, Tertius Pastor (third shepherd) - Mr H Inglis, Coney Street
First Boy Angel - Minster Chorister Mennell
Second Boy Angel - Minster Chorister Hodgson
Third Boy Angel - Minster Chorister Wells
Local Girls - Elen - Miss M Curran, St Sampson's Square
Cordelia - Miss W Linfoot, King's Square
Margaret - Miss E Rieveley, Colliergate
Jane - Miss E Clack, St Sampsons's Square
Sue - Miss E Linfoot, King's Square
Johanna - Miss A Crowe, 24 Baldwin Terrace
Ladies attending Queen Anne - Misses S and K Curran, St Sampson's Square, Miss L Crowe, 4 Baldwin Terrace, Miss Wright, 7 Driffield Terrace, Miss Porter, Helmsley, Mrs Threlfall, The Cottage, Nun Monkton
Dean Robert Bolle - Rev R Hyde, Riccall
Archbishop Thomas Rotherham - Rev C C Potts, Skipwith
John Newton, Lord Mayor of York- Sir J Sykes Rymer, Driffield Terrace
Earl of Northumberland, Mr W Harrison, Burton Fields
Duke of Albany - Captain Walker, Mill Mount
Earl of Huntingdon - Captain Maxted, Hessle
Galfridus de Sassiola, Spanish Ambassador - Captain Threlfall
King Richard III - Viscount Garnock, Claxton Hall
Queen Anne - Viscountess Garnock, Claxton Hall
Edward, Prince of Wales - Master Miles Stapylton, Myton Hall
Lady Nottingham - Miss Calverley Rudston, Allerthorpe Hall
Lady - Miss B Barstow, Hazel Bush
Isabella Beauchamp - Miss Mills, Acomb Hall
Masters of the Guilds - Messrs J H Wray, Davygate, T P Cooper, Wentworth Road, W E Puckering, 1 Market Street, A Sharpe, Fossgate, R Clarke, Dove Street, R C Green, 1 Deangate, J Ankers, Claremont Terrace, J W Precious, Claremont Terrace, J N Procter, Stonegate, W Winterton, 37 Melbourne Street, G Broadley, 38 Heslington Road, W H Browne, 30 Union Terrace, J Marsden, 36 Nunmill Street, H L Milburn, 4 Moorlands Road, S G Thompson, 6 Longfield Terrace, J Hill, Starbeck
Aldermen - Messrs C B Robinson, Barclay's Bank, T Pettinger, Flaxton, Horner, Fulford, J Hodgson, 19 George Street, J Thompson, 14 George Street
Brethren members of Guilds - Messrs A Hinton, 64 Ambrose Street, G Pennock, Marygate, C Sinclair, 17 Lower Darnborough Street, A E Trappe, 1 Buckingham Terrace, C Watson, 20 Emerald Street, T Wrigglesworth, 68 Ambrose Street, J Atkins, 136 Albemarle Road, H Coupland, 53 Skeldergate, J H Dry, 15 Prospect Terrace, C T Jones, Yearsley Bridge, A Pratt, Little Stonegate, R Newey, 7 High Petergate, A Russel, Dringthorpe Cottage, C Sidwell, 67 Heslington Road, R Dent, 12 Willis Street, R Brough, 9 Layerthorpe Buildings, M Whitley, 39 Redeness Street, J Walls, 5 Schools Street, W Beal, 56 Park Grove
Banner Bearers of Guilds - Masters C Appleton, Fulford, G H Claughton, 22 Victoria Street, A Cooper, 169 Haxby Road, G Cooper, 25 Stonegate, G Ellison, 12 Clifton Green, S Warrington, 66 Park Grove, W and B Fentiman, 31 Swan Street, E Goodacre, 16 Blossom Street, H Horner, 45 Hambleton Terrace, W Kemplay, 7 Fishergate, C Newman, 35 Grove Terrace, C E Stancliffe, 4 Grange Crescent, E Lyon, Acomb, Ronald Levitt, 6 Wentworth Road, A Allford, 29 Markham Street, Winterton, 37 Melbourne Street, A Prest, 3 Adelaide Street, E Tiplady, 46 Victoria Street
Flower Girls - Misses D and A Fowler, 7 St Thomas Place, L Fisher, 24 Cleveland Street, E Garland, 5 Belle Vue Terrace, R Grainger, 7 Buckingham Terrace, E and B Hutton, 20 De Grey Street, L Horner, 45 Hambleton Terrace, L Hayes, 9 Tadcaster Road, C Holt, 7 High Orchard Street, B Atherley, 18 Bootham
Pages - Masters J Dawson, 66 Aldwark, H Smallwood, 103 Lowther Street, H Sanderson, 51 Vyner Street, F and W Rowland, 34 Markham Street, C Holroyd, 12 Emmerson Street, C Hull, 10 Wood Street, L V Marriner, 56 Vyner Street, H Archer, 7 Emerald Street, J H Siddall, 3 Percy Street, C Wilkinson, 10 Eldon Street, W Willis, 25 Wigginton Road.

Episode VI, The Dissolution

Scene 1 1530, Predictions of Mother Shipton

Mother Shipton - Miss D Baines, Bell Hall, Naburn
Duke of Suffolk - Mr J B Clarke, The Crescent
Lord Percy - Mr F Bean, High Ousegate
Lord d' Arcy - Mr C A K Peters, Bishop Wilton
Master Besley, citizen of York - Mr A Bristow, Wilberfoss

Scene 2 1536, The Pilgrimage of Grace

Brian Waryn, citizen - Mr H Calvert, Coney Street
Mistress Joan Waryn - Mrs D S Crichton, St Mary's
Guy Wythen, a citizen - Mr E Outhwaite, Market Street
Mistress Elena Wythen - Mrs Fentiman, 31 Swan Street
Ellen Mylton, citizen - Mrs Davies, New Earswick
Thomas Kyrke, citizen - Mr Culley, 46 New Walk Terrace
William Wright, Lord Mayor of York - Mr Bellerby
Sir Christopher Hildyard, Mr H E Rayner, Malton Road
Sir William Fairfax - Dr Faulkner, Escrick
Sir Robert Constable - Mr E A Pollard, 36 St Olave's Road
Lady Constable - Mrs E A Pollard, 36 St Olave's Road
Sir Henry Gascoigne - Mr H M Holmes, Acomb
Sir Christopher Metcalfe - Dr G W Gostling, Stonegate
Sir William Bulmer - Sir W Worsley, Bart., Hovingham
Lady Bulmer - Miss Saltmarshe, The Mount
Lady Fairfax (Isabel Thwaites) - Mrs W F H Thomson, Old Nunthorpe
Robert Aske - Mr Norman Crombie, Stonegate
Walter Strickland, gentleman - Mr A Lund, Barclay's Bank
Valentine Frees, gentleman - Mr B Dodsworth, Huntington
Mistress Frees - Mrs B Dodsworth, Huntington
Men in crowd - Messrs J Thompson, 26 Lansdowne Terrace, G H Topham, 5 Percy Street, H Wilson, 1a Low Ousegate, R Webster, 23 Layerthorpe, C Watson, 28 Oxford Street, W C Walker, 13 Beaconsfield Street, J W Wilkinson, Clifton Green, T Webster, 15 Newbiggin Street, A H Todd, 19 Vyner Street, G Oxtoby, 17 Margaret Street, F Dixon, 55 St Andrewgate, J Calpin, 3 Mill Street, J Reed, 3 Arthur Street, G Clark, 9 River Street, A Morrell, 19 Ancroft Street, A J Bolton, 73 Layerthorpe, J Atkinson, 34 Garden Street, W Thompson, 48 Aldwark
Women in Crowd - Mrs White, 38 Hambleton Terrace, Mrs F Wood, Bishopthorpe, Mrs T Young, 46 Queen Victoria Street, Mrs Ryan, 9 Mansfield Road, Mrs F Sanderson, 42 Kensington Street, Mrs Allchin, Monk Bar Court, Mrs Smith, 1 Bismarck Street, Mrs G Stainton, 9 Forth Street, Misses G Wilson, Depot Barracks, L Wray, 5 Jewbury, Misses Woodhouse, Priory Street, Roe, 6 East Mount Road, C Rodgers, Acomb, Razzall, Bishopthorpe, M Smith, 89 High Petergate, A Sutcliffe, 20 Dove Street, Smithson, 2 Queen Victoria Street, R Smallwood, 6 Rosslyn Street, V and B Simpson, 23 Townend Street, Bishop, Gray's Court, Otter, Gray's Court, Keithley, the Retreat, R Marshall, 3 Hilda Street, E Rafton, 3 Pickering Terrace, Shaughnessy, 7 Ambrose Street, A Smith, Hessay, York.

Scene 3 1541, Visit of Henry VIII and Catherine Howard

Robert Hall, Lord Mayor of York - Mr Noel Morley, the Esplanade
William Watson, Sheriff of York - Mr Windass, School of Art
William Harper, Sheriff of York - Mr W Mansfield, Heworth
Sir Ralph Clayton, spokesman for York Corporation - Mr J P Scott, Clifton
Mayor of Hull - Mr D S Crichton, St Mary's
Sir Robert Bowes - Mr C Cooper, Fulford Road
Ainsty gentlemen with Sir Robert - Messrs J Cassels, Barclay's Bank, T Stevenson and A Jackson, Barclay's Bank, B Groves, St Mary's, J L Mandel, City and County Bank, H Binno, 28 Bewlay Street
King Henry VIII - Mr C E Elmhirst, Lendal
Queen Catherine Howard - Miss Sylvia Johnson, Holgate Hill
Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk - Mr Worsdall, 46 Queen Anne's Road
William Parr, Lord Parr of Kendal - Mr H Rudgard, St Peter's Grove
Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Durham - Rev A Westcott, Easingwold
Ladies in Waiting - Mrs Cassels, 7 Bootham Crescent, Miss Withington, Ampleforth, Miss Askew, St George's Place, Miss Blickman, Beningborough, Miss York, Richmond, Miss Richardson, 13 Bootham Crescent, Miss D Murfin, 8 Coney Street, Miss Carter, Fulford, Miss M Bellerby, Burton Stone Lane, Misses Moore, Bishopthorpe, Muriel Dawson, Fishergate, B Potterton, 23 Coney Street, H Pearson, 39 Lawrence Street, J Tate, 42 Blossom Street, Amy Strickland, 2 Mansfield Place, E Duffitt, 13 Grove Terrace, Mrs C Anderson, Strensall, Mrs Lumley, 22 North View.

Scene 4, 18 April 1603, Visit of James I/VI and Queen Anne

King James I - Mr H H Riley-Smith, Toulston, Tadcaster
Queen Anne of Denmark - Miss Riley-Smith, Toulston, Tadcaster
George, Earl of Cumberland - Mr C Ferrier
Robert Watter, Lord Mayor of York - Rev G Trundle, Coney Street
Lady Watter - Mrs Trundle, Coney Street
Dr Thornborough, Dean of York - Rev E C Henley, Kirk Hammerton
Alexander, Lord Hume - Mr Walls, 5th Lancers
Sir William Ingleby - Mr Alcock
Sir Edward Stanhope of Grimston - Mr T H Driver
Sir Christopher Hildyard - Rev. L Hildyard, Rowley, Hull
Christopher Harrington, master goldsmith - Mr J B Inglis, Coney Street
Mistress Robinson - Mrs Ware, Minster Yard
Mistress Buck - Miss F Buckle, 31 Queen Anne's Road
Mistress Birkby - Mrs Swift, Clifton, York
Mistress Greenbury - Miss Trevor Gray, Burton Lane
Mistress Askwith - Mrs R Leetham, Holgate
Mistress Anne Middleton - Mrs W Rudgard, St George's Place
A Lady - Miss Freda Bromet, Tadcaster
Ladies in attendance on Lady Watter - Misses Drysdale and Dodsworth, St Peter's Grove, Hick, 4 Museum Street, G Shannon, Castlegate, Q Shannon, Castlegate, D Turner, Wigginton Cottage, Wright, Coney Street, Mrs Holmes, Acomb
Chief Justice Banks - Mrs Loadman [sic - not in script]
Thirty girls from York College.  Dancers in Madrigal: Miss Gladys Cowper, Miss Elsie Cowper, Miss Beatrice  Cowper, Miss Dorothy Kilvington, Mr C A Barker (jester)

Episode VII Civil War and the Siege of York 1642-44

John Curtas, citizen - Mr Reveley, 16 Micklegate
Deborah Curtas - Mrs Brabiner, 28 Richardson Street
Thomas Heseltine, citizen - Mr E W Dickenson, Acres Dene, Hull Road
William Lot, citizen - Mr E Storey, Micklegate Hill
Sir William Allenson, MP for York - Mr F O Nelson, Manor House, Heworth
Anne Tancred, Lady Allenson - Miss J Ramsay, Petergate
Sir Edmund Cowper, Lord Mayor of York for 2nd year - Cllr James Birch, Mansion House (Lord Mayor)
First Sheriff - Mr E Walker, St Savourgate
Mistress Arabella Maylor - Mrs Lindberg, Clifton
Another Lady - Miss Bickersteth, Cottingham, Hull
Marmaduke Rawdon - Mr J W Williams, Poppleton Vicarage
Sir Thomas Fairfax - Mr Guy Farfax, Bilborough Manor
Charles Lewis, Count Palatine of the Rhine - Mr C Peppter, North Bar, Beverley
Robert Dormer, Earl of Caernarvon - Mr Edward Herbert, Upper Helmsley Hall
James Stewart, Duke of Richmond - The Hon. Ivan Kay, Escrick
Robert Bertie, Earl of Lindsay - Dr W A Evelyn, Micklegate
Walter Curle, Bishop of Winchester - Rev W H Savile, St Mary's, Beverley
Sir James Palmer, Deputy Chancellor - Mr Ernest R Walker, 7 Clifton
Sir John Burrough, Lord of the Garter - Mr H P Marriott, Hildenley, Malton
Sir Henry St George Norroy - Captain H M Walker, Malton
King Charles I - Captain Maddick, 5th Lancers
Charles Prince of Wales (age 12) Master Willie Prest, Coney Street
James Duke of York (age 9) - Master Harry Gedge, 23 St Mary's
Pages - Trevor Taylor, St Oswald's House, Fulford, Cecil G Tarran, Holly Terrace
A Gentleman - Mr T Gray, Fossgate
Sir Robert Strickland, King's Bodyguard - Mr A F Page, Clifton Dale
Sir Thomas Glemham, Governor of York - Mr Needham, Coney Street
James Clark, citizen - Mr J W Bellerby, Micklegate
Queen Henrietta Maria - Mrs A Forbes, Stamford Bridge
Lady in waiting - Miss C Place, Skelton Grange
Courtier - Mr G Daniel, Stamford Bridge
Lord Newcastle - Mr Ernest Oldfield, St Oswald's Cottage, Fulford
Ladies - Mrs Mennell, Dilston House, Hull Road, Miss Phyllis Lamb, Stamford Bridge
Lord Montrose - Mr Mennell, Dilston House, Hull Road
Sir Hugh Chomley of Scarborough - Mr R G Dixon, Stockton on Forest
Old Woman - Mrs Arey, Nun Mill Street
Captain Samuel Brearley - Mr McLaurie, 24 Queen Anne's Road
Sir Philip Byrom - Sergt-Major Barlow, 5th Lancers
Colonel Huddleston - Armourer A Bruce, 5th Lancers
Roger Dodsworth - Mr W Taylor, 121/2 [sic] Price street
Old Mistress Clark - Mrs Goodall, Hawarden House, The Mount
Mounted Messenger - Mr J R Birch, Mansion House
Colonel Thwaites - Mr C S Wilkinson, 14 Vyner Street
Prince Rupert - Mr T L Wall, 5th Lancers
Mounted soldier, wounded - Captain McTaggart, 5th Lancers
Sir William Constable, Parliament officer - Mr R Moore, 31 Belle Vue street
Thomas Hoyle, Lord Mayor of York (Parliament choice) - Mr Challenger, Castle Mills Bridge
Lord Ferdinando Fairfax - Hon H Alexander, 5th Lancers
Earl of Manchester - Major Cape, 5th Lancers

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