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Photographs : 2021 Resurrection for York

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/21/6/9
Date/year: 2021
Description:  A Resurrection for York: a community production on 3 and 4 July 2021 in Dean's Park.  York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust, York Minster and York Festival Trust were all involved.
Cast in order of speaking:  Wilma Edwards, Michael Maybridge, Victoria Rooke, Mary Callan, Nick Jones, Sally Maybridge, Samuel Valentine, David Harrison, Harold Mozley, Janice Newton, Colin Lea, Chris Pomfrett,  Jodie Fletcher,  Julie Speedie,  Judith Ireland, Tony Froud, Sonia di Lorenzo, David Denbigh,  Emily Hansen. Raqhael Harte.Mary at the cross  Performed under social distancing - Jesus' body represented in white.
Director:  Philip Parr
Associate Director: Terry Ram
Producer:  Simon Tompsett
Front of House Manager: Gary Bateson
Publicity: Stewart Hildred (YMPST) and Tom Outing (York Minster)
Front of House Stewards:
Anna Briggs, Ruth Cozens, Sue Harris, Karen Hill, Chris Jackson, Jennifer Kilmartin, Ged Murray, Margaret O'Donnell, Joan Pritchard, Judy Reed, Janet Sharpe, Marie Taylor.
Script adapted from the York Mystery Plays by Tom Straszewski and Philip Parr.  Photos below by Delma Tomlin.
Jesus taken from cross

Jesus carried to tombrisen Jesus with Mary Magdalene

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