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Photographs : Books about the Mystery Plays

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/17/2/22
Date/year: 1951 to 2012
There are many books about medieval drama, of which the Archive holds some.
The York Cycle of Mystery Plays: A shorter version of the Ancient Cycle, edited by J S Purvis.  With a note on the production staged at the York Festival of 1951 by E Martin Browne.  Published 1951 by SPCK, London (Title page is left.)1951 title page
The York Cycle of Mystery Plays: A complete version, J S Purvis, 1962
The York Mystery Play, Eileen White, 1984 (published by YAYAS)
York Mystery Plays: A Selection in Modern Spelling, Richard Beadle and Pamela M King, 1984
Professor Margaret Rogerson, the author of two books below, has been a regular visitor to York and has donated material to the NCEM archive.  She  lectured on the Mystery Plays at York's central library on 24 May 2016, just before the 2016 production in York Minster was launched.

Playing a Part in History: The York Mysteries 1951-2006, Margaret Rogerson, 2009
The York Mystery Plays: Performance in the City, Margaret Rogerson (ed.) 2011.

Margaret Rogerson 2011

Margaret Rogerson 2009Victor Banerjee playing Christ in 1988 is depicted on the front of this book.
Rogers- craft-MysteriesMedieval Craft and Mystery: Discovering the People behind York's Mystery Plays, Nicola Rogers,  2012, published by York Archaeological Trust (bottom)

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