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Postcards : Postcard of The Guilds' Pageant 1909

Item type: Postcards
Archive reference: YMP/L/2/1
Date/year: 1909
Description: Black and white Postcard showing all the Guilds of York with their banners and a wagon play (Angels and Shepherds) in front of St Mary's Abbey.  At this time the Abbey ruins and Gardens were owned by Yorkshire Philosophical Society.  Stored as YMP/L/2/1
Caption reads:  York Historic Pageant. The Guilds. A Pageant within a Pageant.  
There was a York Historic pageant in 1909, NCEM stores the script as YMP/Q/7.
Photograph credited to Lane-Smith and Debenham & Co, Lendal, York.  From Mr Antill's donation.
The Guilds Pageant

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