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Delma Tomlin Personal Folder : Key roles in the plays

Item type: Delma Tomlin Personal Folder
Archive reference: YMP/O/6/4
Date/year: 1951 onwards
To see the names of the directors of the Mystery Plays since 1951, and those who have played God, Lucifer/Satan, Mary, and Jesus, go to this page about people on the NCEM website.
Here are some other key roles and actors.  The NCEM holds all the programmes and can answer questions for each year the Plays were produced.  Here are links to the cast lists for the  2000,  2012, 20142016  2018  and 2019 productions.

Herod: Perhaps surprisingly, Herod has no role in the productions in 1951, 1954, 1957, 1960, 1963 or 2018.  (After the Nativity scenes of the Shepherds and the Kings, Gabriel appears to Joseph to warn him that Herod is planning a massacre of infants, so the Holy Family flee to Egypt.) Herod appears each time from then.  
1966: John de Frates; 1969: Michael Wilson; 1973: Douglas Waft; 1976: Richard Grayson; 1980: Peter Aughton; 1984: Keith Jefferson (who doubled this with God, an unusual combination); 1988: Jeffret Maytom; 1992 and 1996: John Hall;  2000: Tim Holman; 2012: Rory Mulvihill; 2016: Maurice Crichton.
Pilate: 1951 and 1954: Alec de Little; 1957: John Gatrell; 1960: Stanley Radcliffe; 1966: Nigel Forbes-Adam; 1969: Cyril Livingstone; 1973: Richard Grayson; 1976: Dave Hill; 1980: John White; 1984: Michael Brown see below; 1988: John Hall; 1992: Gary Craig; 1996: Robin Sanger;  2000: Richard Vergette; 2002: Michael Ireton, Dave Parkinson; 2012: Maurice Crichton and Tom Jackson; 2016: Philip Massey; 2018: Bronte Hobson
Gabriel   1951: David Giles; 1954: Michael Vonberg; 1957: Eric Goodall; 1960: John White; 1963: Martyn Jackson; 1966: Leader Hawkins; 1969: Nigel Forbes-Adam; 1973: Charles Martin; 1976: Mary Eyeington; 1980: Monica Smith; 1984: Jane Gallogly; 1988: Nicol Wisreich; 1992: James Magrane; 1996: Sarah Harvey; 2000: Tom Davey; 2012: Frances Simon and Lucy Campbell; 2016: Sam McAvoy; 2018: Thomas Jennings
Adam: 1951 and 1954: Kenneth Parsons; 1957: John White; 1960: Peter Brett; 1963: Jon Cross; 1966: Christopher Kitching; 1969: Paul Lally; 1973: Andrew Spence; 1976: Patrick Wildgust; 1980: Roger Yorke; 1984: Richard Hall; 1988: Matt Ransom; 1992: Stuart Woods; 1996: Peter Durham; 2000: Carl Cockcroft; 2012: Young Adam: Ewan Croft and Luke Hobson; Adult Adam: Harry Lee and Nathan Unthank.  2016: Bob Mallow; 2018: Hannah Docker
Here is a photograph during rehearsals of Pilate in 1984, played by Michael Brown.  He is waiting in the auditorium.
1984 Pilate waits

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