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Judi Dench rehearsing for her part as the Virgin Mary (a bit grainy).

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Scrapbooks : 1957 Scrapbook

Item type: Scrapbooks
Archive reference: YMP/E/4
Date/year: 1957
Description: Scrapbook made and donated by Eileen Skaife from 1957, containing material from the Mystery Plays production of that year, in which she played Woman at the Fire.  The scrapbook includes the well known picture of Judi Dench as Mary. on page 5.  
Below is a cutting about a radio broadcast of the Mystery Plays.  The caption says:  "An abridged production of the 14th century Mystery Plays - being performed in the grounds of St Mary's Abbey, York, during the Festival - was recorded at Broadcasting House Leeds today by the members of the cast.  It will be broadcast tomorrow in the Home Service.  The cycle of plays has been edited by J S Purvis and the production is by E Martin Browne.  The plays will be presented for radio by Vivian A Daniels.  The company are seen here during rehearsals in the open air at Broadcasting House today.  They are - Producer Vivian A Daniels and E Martin Browne, both on extreme left.  FRONT ROW:Sheila Barker, Kathleen Martin and Judy (sic) Dench.   REAR: Brian Spink, Robert Rietty, Frank Shelley and John Westbrook."
ie Eve, Woman taken in Adultery, Mary; Jesus, Satan, God, Archangel Michael.
1957 seven actors, producers

The scrapbook contains a programme for the Chester Miracle Plays, performed in July 1957 in the Cathedral Refectory, directed by Christopher Ede.  Ticket prices were 10 shillings (50p), 7 shillings and 6d, 5 shillings, and 3 shillings and 6d (18p).

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